Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to Real Life

After a week of not answering cell phones, never going on computers, and just relaxing, it's back to school for the both of us. Derek begins a short 6-week course before starting his clinical rotations and I am back to teaching little kiddies at school and then heading to Sylvan in the afternoon. This schedule should keep us very busy for the next few months, and all we have to say about it is "Is it Thanksgiving yet?"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Off to the Ranch

This morning, Derek completed his last final of his medical school career. It was a very happy day. We celebrated after work with a Chipotle dinner sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor at the coffee table. After a nightly chat with my sister asking about an update of my sick little brother (my parents are still in Thailand and she is playing "Mommy"), we enjoyed snuggling on the couch and laughing to Wipeout. We are heading off to the Smith Family Ranch in a few days and it's hard not to remember all the memories made in visits past.
My first fishing experience was out on the ranch in June 2009. After my 2nd "perfect cast", I snagged this beauty. Riding horses November 2009. Let's just say it's not my favorite thing in the world....Four-wheeling, sledding, and snow ball fights December 2010. That beauty in the background is the family cabin. So beautifully 70's in every way and I love it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Year of Bliss

{a} Stealing a quick kiss before all the fun.
{b} Reception at Maderas Golf Club in Poway, California
{c} Don't let that face fool you, he loved every second of this day.
{d} Our lovely and delicious cake courtesy of VG's Bakery.
{e} Centerpieces included cheery yellow roses & fact cards in our wedding colors and theme.
{f} A bubble getaway with friends and family.

Happy 1 year Anniversary to my love. I can't believe we sealed the deal just a year ago. I can't wait to spend forever with Derek.
-President Thomas S. Monson

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summertime Blues

{a final swing of the club as the sun sets on our wedding eve}
Our summer has been the total opposite of "relaxing and fun". With Derek taking the Board I exam, choosing/applying to 4th year cores and externships, weekend courses on ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), preparing for 3rd year rotations, and a semester of classes on top of it, we have been nothing short of busy! I also opted to have a busy summer, working 9-12 hour days and keeping to a strict exercise regimen that had me up at 5:45 some days, or still going hard around midnight. Thankfully, through all the stress, we have managed to stay healthy, happy, and sane. With our 1 year anniversary creeping up (this Sunday!) and an intense finals week starting the following day, we opted out of celebrating together this weekend and have two fun-filled, relaxing days set aside for the next before we jet off to Idaho for a week long vacation.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Lovin' It

{Out on the ranch- Oakley, Idaho}
I'm lovin'...... a fully stocked fridge and pantry full of healthy food. I have slowly been making the switch the past few months to all whole/multi-grain crackers, breads, pastas, and cereals. Also, we did away with white rice, potatoes, and corn in general.

I'm lovin'...... having my mornings back! For the next few weeks, I will only be working in the afternoons and evenings- which can be both good and bad. Good that I can accomplish all I need to in the early morning hours of the day- bad that I am stuck at work until 8:00.

I'm lovin'..... that my parents are off on a two week adventure through Thailand. They leave on Saturday and I couldn't be more excited for them. Ride an elephant for me guys!

I'm lovin'..... that it is August! I can't even believe it. Where did the past year go? Seems like only yesterday I was balling my eyes out in the waiting room of the temple because they were only running an hour and a half late and there were 30 weddings that day. Ahh, the memories! :)

I'm lovin'..... that I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday in a smaller size than my others! Yay! I accredit it all to Beto and my trusty Zumba DVD's.

I'm lovin'..... that Derek has his LAST FINALS WEEK EVER in two weeks. Ahh! Yes, I am actually excited for him to take finals! After this he will start clinical rotations and wear scrubs everyday, which makes me slightly jealous. PJ's to work? I chose the wrong profession.

I'm lovin'..... my Beehives at church. They are so sweet, cute, and hilarious! Wednesday nights are always such a treat. I am also lovin' the sweet women I get to work with in YW's. They are all so super talented and amazing mothers and wives. I look up to all of them so much.

I'm lovin'..... the moans and groans from kiddos at work starting school in two weeks. Hilarious. I totally remember that feeling as a kid.

I'm lovin'..... {actually hatin'} that ALL stores have out clothes for Fall. Really?! It's still over 100 degrees here everyday, and will be until October. Keep out the shorts please!

I'm lovin'.... that in 2 1/2 weeks we are heading up to Idaho for a visit. Beautiful weather, scenery, friends and family. Sounds amazing! And, remember our first summer together. Priceless.