Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Night We Met: Derek's Story (The Factual Story)

Three facts are necessary to provide the correct story of how we met:

1) We both attended the same bonfire
2) We never spoke at the bonfire
3) The first time I met Becca, she was making out on my couch with my roommate (whom she did talk to at the bonfire) 

The record has now been set straight.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Night We Met: Becca's Story

Derek and I have two different stories of how we met. He denies my version exists. Which, is TOTALLY wrong. I always tell Derek that I have valid proof of meeting him in my story, but he still denies it. Freak.

Anyways, we met at a bonfire. A cold, March night. March 20, 2009 to be exact. I had recently gone through a really hard break-up, some friends invited me to a bonfire with a BUNCH of people I didn't really know. So, naturally, I was trying to meet people. That's when I saw Derek. Stripped hooded sweatshirt, nerdy glasses, and Vans. My type of guy. So, I approached him slowly. I didn't want to be a TOTAL creep. We ended up in arms distance of each other. Okay, this was my chance. So, I tried to think of something that would start a conversation..."Hey.. I like your shoes." He muttered a "..thanks" and walked away. LAME. So, I moved on, and I spent most of the night chatting with a fellow, and ended up going on a couple dates with him. Even though I was hanging with this other guy, I still remembered Derek....and he just happened to live with the other guy. BONUS!
Anyways, the next weekend a friend & I went to the movies with these boys. In the car, since we were BANNED from having our DQ inside the theater, I told Stephanie "I really want to date Derek...." So, I made my move. I sat by him during the movie, and that's where HE thinks we met. Oh so wrong Mr. Smith. Oh. So. Wrong.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Fever(s)

(Legs on wedding day August 14, 2010)
Precursor: This post may be a tad bit personal for some readers. Derek & I are sick. We are thinking it's from some of our cute little 4-year-olds. Being sick reminds me of our wedding and honeymoon. Why do you ask? About 10 days before our wedding I began to notice a rash on my legs and arms. It wasn't itchy, just big and red blotches. A couple days later, I got out of bed, and could not bend at ANY of my joints. I was hunched over in the most horrible pain I could imagine. I stumbled out the door, and made my way to Derek's apartment. Using his medical dictionary, and some help from the internet, he was able to deduct that I had a strange allergic reaction to the birth control medicine I had been taking for about a month. The "diagnosis" was named erythema nodosum. The next day, we stumbled to the ER where I was given confirmation of the named diagnosis. They prescribed me with steroids, which were HEAVENLY. I began to see the swelling, discoloration, and joint pain disappear. I still had slightly swollen ankles & bruises (above) on our special day, but the pain was gone. A couple days later, on our honeymoon in Hawaii, it all came back. We then made a trip to a Kaiser clinic (THANK YOU Hawaii for having my health insurance), and was back on the "roids". It was a long, Long, LONG PAINFUL process, but I haven't noticed any other traces of my reaction, other then the outlines of the bruises on my legs. So today, as I taught a crazy, loud, and typical 5th grade class, I was grateful that I only had a cold and sore throat.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mom's Surprise Party

Mom had a birthday in January, so we decided to celebrate with a party in her honor! We held it at Maderas Golf Club, the same location as both my pre-wedding dinner and reception.

Jones Men with Mom L to R: Dad, Derek, Uncle Ryan, Uncle Rodney, Dallin, Grandpa
A big, Big, BIG, BIG thanks to Debbie & Toni (above) for all they did to help with the party. They were up early that morning decorating, picking up the cake, and up late the night before doing all the fresh flower centerpieces and doing the favors. They work for Dad and are always willing to help us out with things. {They were the lovely ladies behind our wedding decor}. It was a great day filled with yummy food, good friends, laughs, and the most delicious cake ever!

Disney Mania

dfdddsfdafWith another quarter under Derek's belt {phew!}, and one step closer to becoming a 3rd year & starting clinicals {hip-hip-hooray}, we took advantage of a couple days in relaxation. With our recent Christmas present of Dinseyland Passes, we spent a fun day in both parks. A couple highlights were:
  • Having both parks virtually to ourselves {longest wait time 20 minutes- yes please!}
  • A perfect day of sunshine and light breezes followed up by a chilly night warm/cozy in sweatshirts and sippin' hot chocolate.
  • Having the kids who rode Space Mountain with us die of laughter/make fun of Derek's face when they saw the picture. I know it's up on Facebook somewhere getting many, many comments.
  • Meeting up with both Sandy & Tegyn for an afternoon of laughs, crazy pictures, and chatting/screaming Derek's ear off {he was a good sport.}
  • Riding the Ferris wheel at CA Adventure and dying of laughter as we swung like crazy and thinking we were going to plummet into the lagoon. {Trust me, it's seriously freaky!}
It was a great day spent at the "happiest place on earth..." We can't wait to go back in May right before the summer rush. Derek claims that I am a "Disney Master," which is true. Having a pass since you're 7-years-old, going at least twice a month for FHE, leaves me quite the secret hoarder. So, if you want a fun, easy, and best way to hit BOTH parks, join us on our adventure next time!