Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Year of Bliss

{a} Stealing a quick kiss before all the fun.
{b} Reception at Maderas Golf Club in Poway, California
{c} Don't let that face fool you, he loved every second of this day.
{d} Our lovely and delicious cake courtesy of VG's Bakery.
{e} Centerpieces included cheery yellow roses & fact cards in our wedding colors and theme.
{f} A bubble getaway with friends and family.

Happy 1 year Anniversary to my love. I can't believe we sealed the deal just a year ago. I can't wait to spend forever with Derek.
-President Thomas S. Monson


  1. awwwwww

    i just LOVEEEEEEEEE this! darling!!!!
    congrats on ONE YEAR lady!

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  3. yay!

    my 2 year anniversary is coming up & i'm really excited.

    marriage is so awesome!


  4. Love it! Congrats to 1 year! Your wedding looked BEAUTIFUL! I love the quote by President Monson.

  5. Awwww congrats!!!! :) Before you know it, it will be 3 years! Goes by fast huh!? You are gorgeous and pretty wedding pictures!

    Ashley Sloan

  6. Happy Anniversary Becca! I am so happy for you and Derek.

  7. Your wedding looks so beautiful! The cake looks a-mazing and the view is gorgeous. I also saw you work at Sylvan, I do too! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am glad I did, I love it!