Saturday, June 27, 2015


One of the first things we did upon moving to Sacramento was find a Saturday Farmers Market to attend every few weeks. We grew quite accustomed to our strawberry  basil lemonade at the Little Italy Market in San Diego, so we were anxious to venture out to our local market on a cool & cloudy summer morning. We headed to the Midtown Farmers Market, right in the heart of Midtown (where East Sacramento [our neighborhood] meets Downtown.) We were impressed with the copious amounts of fresh produce, a live band, ample picnic tables for enjoying purchases, and the quaint atmosphere of Midtown. We splurged on a chocolate waffle from Volks Waffle, and were not disappointed! The tree lined streets of old historic homes made for the perfect setting for our first market outing! We left with fresh peaches, a pineapple lemonade, and full stomachs!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Like last year, we knew the fair would be high on our summer bucket list this year. We spent the evening at the fair with our good friends, The Poulsen's, and saw everything from pig racing to the infamous triple cheeseburger with Krispy Kreme's as buns. (And yes, we all tried a bite of that 4,000 calorie concoction!) We took turns treating Lexi to rides and handfuls of cotton candy while we strolled the isles. As always, we had to check out the animals, ranging from cattle to goats. Derek and I once again fell victim to our love of baby goats. One day, there will be an entire blog post dedicated to buying a pair of our own. (Dead serious here, guys!)  It was a fun night and we stayed out way too late in the bask of the glowing lights of the rides.