Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Derek and I have always lived in very transient wards--Arizona was full of students, Michigan had quite a few move outs all at once, and now our wonderful San Diego ward is filled with military and law students galore. I love that there are always a slew of new people coming in, but at the same time, it's sad to see ward members leave. This month, per request of members, we held activities all about getting to know one another. We served pies and cobblers--Lela & Brittany stole my taste buds with their Apple Crisp & Pumpkin Pie-- and had great conversation about everyone's loves and talents. It was  a great evening where we all learned fun facts about each other & shared some of our own. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013


The past few days I have had that feeling of nostalgia everywhere I go. One morning it was the sun creeping over the hills by our house and that smell of wet dirt outside. That smell, man. It was the smell of early morning drives to school in Arizona where that sun was finally cool enough to enjoy. Pumping gas the other day, and looked across the lot and saw a Residence Inn. I had a flashback to last November in San Francisco when Derek and I called our little room 405 home. Where we would wake up to a free breakfast and falling leaves. Lug laundry down to the laundromat, and walk across the street to the cleaners. At work, one of my co-workers mentioned that a part had to be specially ordered from the Ford plant in Detroit. I automatically jumped to thinking about our weekend trips to Greenfield Village & the Henry Ford Museum. How we could drive 10 blocks South and be in the heart of the city, or 10 blocks North and be in farm land with farms and orchards for picking. Saturday, it was an afternoon on Coronado Island bike riding with Derek. I looked over to see that San Diego skyline and remembered just a few months ago, realizing that residency would bring us back to a city we both love so much. I am not sure why these feelings of nostalgia have been flowing lately, but I can't complain. I have had a blessed life that has lead me to so many places, people, and things I love. Fall always gets me feeling really deep and grateful. Just another reason to love this time of year. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013


(last October in Denver)
Last week I woke up to that first smell of "Fall". The way I define it is that wet smell in the air that just lingers long enough to leave a memory. It was the smell I would walk to the bus stop in elementary school with. It was the smell my sister and I would brave those early, dark mornings on our way to seminary. It was the smell those crisp mornings in Rexburg when my nose would turn pink from the wind. The other morning, it was the smell of having a quick bowl of oatmeal on the patio while these city streets were still quiet. I love the way smells bring back and create memories. It's almost like this magic scrapbook we always have on hand; one that can take us back to a different place and time instantly.