Monday, September 26, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Our long weekend to Vegas was filled with a lot of fun and excitement. Derek & his classmate were awarded a $1,000.00 cash prize for winning the student research contest they entered at the conference, and even more from the organization for even attending the conference. Derek learned a lot of new information, and while he was at the conference, I spent time reading by the pool and exploring the beautiful shops of the Wynn hotel.
{a} Waiting and watching the famous Bellagio fountains, while hearing sermons about Jesus by street performers.
{b} Inside the Bellagio gardens, which were decorated for Fall and made me so happy. The other thing that made me happy, the amazing gelato shop right next door.
{c} Derek rubbing the giant Buddha belly in the Planet Hollywood. I guess it was good luck since we won lots of $$$! [or Derek is just incredibly smart and had it in the bag the whole time :0]
{d} Visiting the Hoover Dam on the way home. We took the big bridge on the way over and decided it would be fun to stop. This is us on the AZ side of it- gotta represent!
{e} At the fashion district right across from the Wynn. Speaking of fashion, yes, my stripped sweater might be my new favorite thing... also the only "jacket" I brought. And, yes, I found a way to get cold while we were there. :)
{f} Derek at the dam. He had way to much fun making up jokes the whole time we were there. Like walking in and demanding "The DAM tour!" Or wanting to see the "...whole DAM thing!"

All & all, our trip was super fun and nice to just have a little get-a-way weekend. We are looking to heading back in March with another research presentation.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I spent my birthday working, which wasn't ideal, but totally fine. The weekend before, Derek spoiled me with a mini-shopping spree, a nice dinner, and frozen yogurt. I woke up the day of my breakfast and blew out my birthday pancake, and enjoyed a yummy breakfast with Derek. The most fun was coming home from work to a home-made card {which was hilarious and sweet at the same time}, bouquet of flowers, and dinner waiting. Thank you all who made my day so special- calls, texts, visits, cards, or even simple Facebook posts. I have a feeling it's going to be a great year.
And yes, Halloween decor is already up at our house. I've even been wearing sweaters in the early morning and evening because it's in the 70's/80's. Oh, happy day!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Last night I was making our new blog header {do you like it? hope so!} and I asked Derek if he thought I should add anything in. He then preceded to tell me exactly what he would want on his
OWN banner.

Oh, have I forgot to mention that he's hilarious?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Idaho Vacation

A few things I learned on our summer vacation this year:
{a} An evening at the golf course with Whitney really means that I get to play caddy and drive the cart. Golf just isn't my sport.
{b} Overlooking the valley of Derek's picturesque hometown was eye opening. I have had a soft spot for Idaho since college, but this blew me away.
{c} Lots of laughs and smiles during a family photo shoot. I don't even want to tell you how many fish heads were in that water right there. Nasty.
{d} Check out that golf swing. Better yet, that bum. All mine. :)
{e} This is on a street in Oakley. Seriously? Look at that green. It was gorgeous. Besides that, don't slide you hand on a wood bridge. You'll get a nasty splinter.
{f} A dirty, thumb aching, 3 hour exploring adventure with only 3 freak out moments was good for me. My panicking days are over! (until chillen's come)
{g} A cute couple photo. Minus the fact that I have a pigment change above my left eye causing light to catch and giving me a permanent bug bite in photos. Oh, and don't wear super textured sweaters in family pictures- adds major poundage.