Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Archives

{Summer 2008}
Six straight weeks of EFY. Exhausting, emotional, and fun. One of the best summers of my life. If you have the chance, apply and DO IT! It is seriously amazing to help, teach, and watch a group of youth over the course of a week. Such a great testimony builder.
{Summer 2009}
The summer we met/dated/fell in love. We were both attending BYU-Idaho and loving every second of living down the block from each other. Nightly bike rides, bbq dinners, and park visits were on both of our agendas. Rexburg will always bee a special place to us and we are excited to go back for a visit in about 3 weeks!
{Summer 2010}
Dating, engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. It was a whirlwind of a summer and with Derek and school and me working 50 hours a week, we were both swamped- but very, very happy. A week long in Maui of relaxation, sandy beaches, and nightly walks along the water was just what the doctor ordered after an intense finals week and a bout of Valley Fever.

What are some of your favorite summer time memories?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wedding Feature

Hey Guys!
Meet Tatum. She is an up & coming wedding planner in the Phoenix, Arizona area. She contacted me and asked if she could highlight our wedding on her website. I was so excited and honored! I told her that we already had a connection because I have Tatum "blood" in me. {My mothers maiden name is Tatum} So, in honor of our anniversary approaching {3 weeks!} go and see what she wrote about our Country Club Reception. She is such a doll and loved working with her on this project!

As a special treat, if you would like to be featured on her site {or know of someone who might} please feel free to leave a comment. She is slowly building clientele and would like lots of ideas to show her future brides and grooms.

Happy Weekending!

Monday, July 18, 2011

After Boards Reward: In Pictures

[Top- Down East Basics; Spandex- The Loft; Necklace- World Market; Sandals- Ross; Sunglasses- H & M; Bag- Charming Charlies; Hat- Old Navy; Swimsuit- Freya]
{a} A yummy lunch at Coyote Cafe in Old Town, San Diego.
{b} A fun pottery shop with giant shoe planters. Perfect for my Podiatrist.
{c} Rooms and rooms full of wind chimes. So fun and musical!
{d} LOL. We just found this sign hilarious.
{e} Being 7-years-old again with sweet Meredith.
{f} Tanning and enjoying the sunshine with family.
{g} Our sand castle complete with a flower shaped moat, sea shell toppers, and a river rock path.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Board Exam (Part I)

{The 4th of July 2011}
Dear Board Exam Part I,

This photo was taken the last time I saw my husband for more than 2 executive hours, (not including sleeping) besides today when we had a 3 hour block at church. Even then, I was with him about an hour of it. So, I think it's time for you to come and visit, Wednesday perhaps? Yes, Wednesday is the day. Also, please be kind to my boy. He has been working and studying so hard for the past few months, and even HARDER the past few weeks. Now, since you're a computer test, please don't wig out on him and be all spastic like some of your family members are (BYU-Idaho online testing center? Worst computers ever!) In the end, he's ready to take you down, and I am ready to have my husband back.



P.S. When you come back in a couple years for Part II, let's cut a deal so Derek already knows everything and won't have to study at all. Ha ha. If only.....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bragging Rights

{Derek's head shot he sent in with his scholarships. So handsome!}
It has been quite an exciting week at the Smith home. Besides celebrating the 4th of July with a house full of friends and great food, we started the week of with a BANG! Last Monday, Derek found out that he was granted a scholarship that he applied to months ago. We pretty much gave up hope that he didn't receive it, since it was nation wide. But, little did we know, the next morning we got the news and couldn't be more THRILLED! Later in the week, class ranks came out again {they only do them once a year} and again, we were excited to see that Derek hadn't moved in placement. Now wait, that probably sounds a little strange to you readers, but it sounds good to us because you can't go any farther up then him! YES! He maintained his status of being first in the class for the past 3 years. Again, THRILLED! We took some time to go out and celebrate Saturday night over dinner, shopping, frozen yogurt, and a good snuggle.
I am so grateful and lucky that Derek is such a hard worker and go-getter. I know that we will be so blessed down the road for all his hard work, time, and effort he is putting into school and learning right now. I am so proud of you babe!