Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The past three years, Derek has worked the full Thanksgiving "weekend". It's something I think a lot of wives, families, and children look forward to each year--- having their loved ones home for the holiday. For me, it just makes me more thankful for this guy. I knew long before the medical life started that holidays, heck, even Saturdays would be far from normal in our house. These are still "work" days for people in the medical profession. Derek started (his only) 2 week OB/GYN rotation this past Monday and was told to work on Thanksgiving. When he texted to tell me that he would be working that day, my response was something I have gotten very used to saying, "I figured! We can always eat leftovers at midnight!" So while I get my first round of turkey, sweet potatoes, and stuffing (Can we side track here and say that stuffing is literally manna from heaven? Okay, thanks.), this boy will be helping little turkey day babies be brought into the world. Which, is pretty dang cool if you ask me.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Something Derek and I have been very good at is always having a Saturday night date. Sometimes it's jammies and movies. Other times it's a night on the town. Sometimes, it's as simple and special as a trip to the temple. On weekends Derek is on call however, that pager from circa 1999 gets to tag along. Sometimes, it doesn't make a beep. Other times, we have just been seated for dinner and that loud, high pitched, beep, Beep, BEEP, starts going. If you ever want a full dining room of people to stop what they are doing and just stare at you, have a pager go off. After that page, it's straight to the phone and computer to read x-rays, patient medical records, and for Derek to pre-assess the patient. Last night, we were at a friends house for dinner and the pager went off. Derek thanked our friends, and was up and out the door for an emergency surgery. (That man. He is the BEST.) So, although our third wheel is just a pager, man, he sure makes an impact on a night. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


This. All of this. Right here. These people. This is why I love Thanksgiving. A time to sit and reflect on all you are truly grateful for. A wonderful and supportive family. Loving friends & cherished friendships. The beautiful city and country to live in. The green grass, changing leaves, and snow topped houses. The smells of a Sunday pot roast and potatoes. Inspirational talks, lessons, songs, and leaders at church. A date night to just sit and talk for hours and hours at dinner with your spouse. Gainful employment and an education. Curling up with a good book and cup of hot cider. I could go on and on. But man, would you just look. Look at all we have to be grateful for. 

Friday, November 1, 2013


I have always been a fan of Halloween. Something about getting dressed up just gets me excited. Add a school parade & class party with treats and games (in elementary school) and I am sold. There's just something special about that feeling of running to houses, filling your bag as high as you can, and then dumping it all out on the floor that just makes my heart happy. The past few years, it's almost as the holiday has been skipped over because of traveling or work, but this year, it was time to break that cycle and get out. Thankfully, friends invited us over for a festive dinner of chili & cornbread before we all headed to to keep an eye on 8 very excited and anxious kiddos. They live in the perfect neighborhood for trick-or-treating and we all had a great time, plus, who wouldn't love this adorable group of kiddos knocking on your door?!