Sunday, January 31, 2016


Earlier this week, my dear friend Kendra texted me with "Get ready for your 10,000th day birthday on Saturday!" It was almost a stroke of inspiration that she stumbled upon this piece of fun! Months ago, she and her husband were discussing how many days old they were. She of course turned to Google, and discovered that her 10,000th day was the following day! Fast forward a couple months, and she did the search again, only to find that our other mutual friend from childhood, Crystal, was about to celebrate her day! Either Kendra has psychic tenancies, or major vibes for us, but it was a wonderful text to receive! So, I'm baking a chocolate cake, and whipping up some frosting, because by golly, I've been alive 10,000 days, and I want to celebrate!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I grew up on homemade ground beef and chicken tacos. Salsa & Tabasco basically run through my veins. It was, and still is, one of my favorite dinners. There is just something about a freshly fried & crispy shell, lightly salted and filled with everything good in life that makes me happy! Growing up with ample amounts of incredible Mexican food close by (Southern CA for the win!), and living in San Diego, a short 8 minute drive from Old Town, I definitely appreciate a good taco. When I read about a new fad, The Taco Cleanse, I thought I was dreaming! Although this taco isn't nearly close to being healthy or in this diet, it was still funny to read up on. I served these tacos with my first batch of homemade refried beans, which were fantastic! I used this recipe, and they definitely passed my challenging test. (I am really picky about my beans. Again, let's chalk it up to my refined Mexican Food palate). So, gear up for the Super Bowl with this taco spread. I guarantee your guests will be thrilled, whoever does win.

Friday, January 22, 2016


For Christmas, I like to gift Derek something fun he can do, rather than just something that will most likely sit around collecting dust. Since he has a really demanding job, his free time is really limited. In that free time, he is often logging patients, studying for boards, working on case presentations, reading journals, the list goes on and on. So, in order for him to ENJOY gifts, I tend to gift "experiences". This year, since living in a city with a professional basketball team, I gifted him Kings tickets. Not only was he excited to see the Kings play, but they were playing The Golden State Warriors! Derek is a HUGE fan of Steph Curry, and being able to see him and  Seth Curry & Raejon Rondo play against him was an even bigger treat. (Side Note: Derek LOVES college basketball. It is his favorite time of the year!) We had a great time cheering for the Kings, as we are loyal fans to our city. Although they lost, it was a great game with a constant back and forth. We had such a fun time, and I think more basketball games will be in our future!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My good friend Janelle and I found this cute memo board project on Pinterest before the holidays. Rather then just pin it away and never aspire to it, we decided this would be a year we actually complete some projects! She has already made darling doll beds for her daughters American Girl Dolls, and was itching for another wood working project. (Side Note: These beds are ADORABLE! I wanted one for myself.) So, she graciously headed to Home Depot, picked up the wood, and we were ready to go. We followed this tutorial, and it was easy to follow. We finished the projects up yesterday, and I love the finished product. I hung ours in our office, and it completely makes the room!