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We celebrated Grant's birthday early in December with family and friends. The theme of the party was "One Happy Camper", since Grant is one of the happiest babies in the world! We had yummy food you would normally eat while camping; chili and fixin's, corn dogs, and trail mix. It was a casual day playing in the backyard and Grant digging into his smash cake. He loved the frosting and the chocolate flavor. We invited guests to gift books for Grant's library, and he was thrilled! Grant loves books and brings his new ones to us each night to read before bed. This little boy is so loved, and we feel grateful to have so many family members travel for his special day! Stay happy, camper!

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Milestones at Eleven Months:

-We have a WALKER! Grant began walking about a week after his 10 month mark. He has mastered it and can now turn, pivot, and go from sitting to standing without holding onto anything for support. 
- Loves to eat! Enjoys meat (all kinds), berries, bananas & pancakes. 
- Still nursing 4-6 times a day; mostly for naps and bed, with a snack before dinner. 
- He is a Mr. Chatty Cathy! He talks and mimics all day. Some of his new phrases, "I did it!" "Is it?" and "Hi Dad". 
- Loves his Fisher Price Nativity from Gran. He loves to walk around with the hay bale and Baby Jesus, and can even say (in his own language) "Jesus"! 
- Besides his Nativity, his toys of choice are his diaper cream tube, old baseball cards & his bottle brush. 
- Grant loves books and reading. He has mastered holding a book on his own and turning the pages. 
- If he is every grumpy or tired, we turn on his "Funky Fun" playlist full of 1970's Funk music and his frown turns upside down! 
- Transitioned to a big boy car seat & thinks he is the coolest kid ever!