Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summertime Blues

{a final swing of the club as the sun sets on our wedding eve}
Our summer has been the total opposite of "relaxing and fun". With Derek taking the Board I exam, choosing/applying to 4th year cores and externships, weekend courses on ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), preparing for 3rd year rotations, and a semester of classes on top of it, we have been nothing short of busy! I also opted to have a busy summer, working 9-12 hour days and keeping to a strict exercise regimen that had me up at 5:45 some days, or still going hard around midnight. Thankfully, through all the stress, we have managed to stay healthy, happy, and sane. With our 1 year anniversary creeping up (this Sunday!) and an intense finals week starting the following day, we opted out of celebrating together this weekend and have two fun-filled, relaxing days set aside for the next before we jet off to Idaho for a week long vacation.


  1. Woah. You guys have been busy! I'm glad you get to relax a little bit for your anniversary! That sounds like fun. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone!

  2. yall deserve a break! I need to quit complaining about my 8 hour work days! hahahaa you DO NOT want twins. Girl, you wont even have time to shower.

  3. Um oh my gosh! Busy busy couple! Wow! I feel so lazy! I' just working part-time AND slacking on working out!!! What exactly is your job or what are you going to school for? Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ashley Sloan

  4. Busy busy! 1. Way to go Derek! 2. Way to go you! ITs a nice feeling to be healthy. I should probably get back on track...opppss!

    Have a blast in Idaho!!!

  5. Ahh that does sound like way to busy of a summer, but I hope you had a great time celebrating your 1st anniversary! Congrats btw :)

  6. your summer sounds insane!! but congratulations on your one year! that's so exciting.
    i love lauren too! she's the beeeeest.