Monday, June 19, 2017


Milestones at Six Months:

- Grant can sit up on his own for short periods of time! He's working on building those core muscles. 
- He rolls and scoots everywhere! He is on the move and ultra determined. 
- Still loves his baths, the swimming pool and any kind of water! 
- Has decided food isn't his jam and gags! We'll keep trying, but this boy just love nursing. 
- Loves to laugh and has the cutest & most infectious little squeal. 
- When he isn't getting enough attention, he will screech and squeal very loudly and high pitched. We call him a baby dinosaur when he does it! 
- Wearing a few 6 month clothes and transitioning into 9 month clothing. Still in size 2 shoes. 
- Visited Seattle, WA and took his 3rd and 4th plane rides. 
- Will start swimming lessons next week! 
- Weighs and measures: 16 lbs 12 oz (30%) and 27 inches (75%) 

Friday, June 2, 2017


We decided to venture out for Memorial Day weekend, and found ourselves looking for cities we could easily fly to, and had never visited. After scouring the East coast, and not finding anything affordable, we decided that Seattle would be a fun place to see. We were not disappointed! Our hotel was located right on Lake Union, in walking distance to not only major city sights (Space Needle, Mo Pop Museum, Chuhily Garden & Glass, Pacific Science Center), but great on the water eateries and a beautiful park. We were spoiled with amazing weather, and took full advantage the entire time. We walked everywhere, ate outside, and enjoyed a fun harbor cruise. We used the Seattle City Pass, which we highly recommend, for all of our sight-seeing. One of the highlights was seeing the Chinese Terracotta Warrior Exhibit at the Science Center. WOW! That was a major bucket list item for the both of us, and so fascinating. Even Grant was impressed by these ancient artifacts. We also strolled Pikes Place Market, and may other iconic Seattle landmarks. We had the best weekend, just the three of us, enjoying and exploring a new city. Seattle, you stole our hearts!