Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Spring decided to grant us a weekend of 90 degree weather and copious amounts of Sunshine pretty early into March. Normally, when the weather gets like this, I refuse to run my oven. I made an exception on Sunday for blueberry cobbler. This summer dessert couldn't be easier due to the fact it is only 5 ingredients and essentially one of those recipes you literally just throw in a dish. Topped with cold vanilla ice cream, this summer time staple will have you thinking of all the other possibilities you could dazzle your guests with. 

Monday, March 9, 2015


San Diego has some fantastic farmers markets on the weekends. We enjoy heading down to Little Italy on Saturday mornings to scope out fresh produce, flowers, and lots of local vendors selling everything from BBQ sauce to bow ties. It was particularly warm on Saturday, so we knew strawberry basil lemonade had to be one of our first purchases. We absolutely adore this market and all it has to offer. Plus, you can't beat the location; smack dab in the center of downtown with views to boot.