Monday, January 26, 2015


Over the weekend we attended the Sunroad Resort Marina Boat Show with friends and had a blast. Besides the weather being perfect, we strolled the docks and ventured on sail boats and yachts to our hearts content. It was fun to see all the amenities some of these boats had; and most were bigger then our homes! We lucked out with a fantastic sunset on the water overlooking the skyline. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; that skyline never gets old.

Monday, January 5, 2015


 San Diego has been having a bit of a "cold snap", or so Southern Californians like to call 60 degree days and 30 degree nights. With the cold, all things warm and comforting have sounded delicious to us. On a Saturday evening while Derek was working, I asked him what he wanted for Sunday dinner. He replied back with, "meat and potatoes", which is pretty standard for this cattle rancher from Idaho. I searched recipe books and decided to combine our favorite things into one dish, and Sunday night beef stew was born. It's a classic take on a beef stew, with the twist of serving the thick mixture on top of mashed potatoes, rather then incorporating them in the stew. When I plated and brought this to the table, Derek yelled, "Yes. YES! This looks amazing." Well, I can officially chalk up another point to dinner with this one folks. A major crowd pleaser and fairly inexpensive and simple to make! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Looking back on last years 2014 word of joy, I realize it was the perfect word to describe the year. Each day was a choice to be joyful. I realized that dwelling on those little things, though they may have seemed huge at the time, didn't bring me joy. Instead of reacting negatively, I chose to be joyful and active in decision making and personal growth. This year, I have landed on the word thrive. What the heck does thrive even mean? How can I thrive in the year 2015? The word thrive to me means optimal living. No, this is not a quest to live out a perfect life. But, more of a quest to live my life in the most optimal way I can. It's a word that challenges me to be present and awake in all things emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Oh, I can feel it in my bones. 2015 is going to be another great year. Thrive on friends, thrive on.