Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scholarship Season

This season brings out some of the best (and worst) things in medical school life. Derek is wrapping up his 3rd year and this time next month will be in his last year of school. Que the hallelujah choir! It's also what we here like to call "scholarship season". We'd like to say were experts, and have applied and graciously been granted more than a handful of these bad boys the past three years. But this last one, man, it wore us out. Even I was in on the ordeal. Contacting financial aid counselors, printing, faxing, and copying transcripts, letters of recommendation, and of course, proof reading and editing the dreaded essay & autobiography. Derek is NOT a writer. If you look at his undergraduate transcript you will see that he pulled straight A's in all his pre-med, economics, and high math courses and slid by with C's in the few English ones he was forced to take. It is a long, tiring process for him to write, and usually involves some kind of head and back scratch in the middle. In the end, it's always a great and well-written piece he can be proud of. So our  plea to the scholarship Gods nice, okay? 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swimsuit Season

{Left to Right: Cousin Jason, Sister Rachel, Me, Cousin Ashley. Seal Beach circa 1992}
Try to think of one bad thing to say about my swimsuit here.
I dare ya.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Change of Plans

No more Tucson. 
No more Arizona.
Derek will be finishing his medical school training at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Eastern Michigan! 
We leave in June and are very, very excited. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter morning at church with a musical sacrament meeting & fabulous speakers. It is also a super bonus that some of my favorite hymns are the ones we sing on or around Easter. After church, we enjoyed a yummy dinner with friends on my cute pink & green Spring table.
Hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing Easter. This video explains why we celebrate and how everyone can feel close to their Savior this time of year. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flat Stanley

We had a visitor come in the mail from sweet Meredith. His name is Flat Stanley. Stanley was flattened by a bulletin board that fell on him at school {don't worry, he wasn't hurt}. Stanley's parents mailed him to California to visit some friends, and Meredith's class needed to mail their Stanley's somewhere. We decided to send him somewhere special in's a sneak peek! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top 5: Hunger Games Edition

Okay, okay. So it's been a full week, and I am ready to share my top 5 favorite things about "The Hunger Games". Without further ado...

5.Okay, some people might have hated or not understood this part, but it's the scene I like to call "Cato's Come to Jesus" moment. At the end, when he had poor Peeta by the throat, talking about how all he ever knew and was taught was to be a killer, and he wanted to bring pride to his district. This made him seem a little more human, and realize that the Capitol really was an evil place and he didn't like it.
4. Katniss & Rue's relationship. It was so sweet, pure, & special.
3. ANY scene in the cave.
2. Since I am quoting a movie, excuse my language. "Damn you, Gale!". Yes. I loved this line. And seriously, "Damn you, Gale!". They needed food you jerk. Ugh. Such a little pansy boy. And I loved when the cave scenes were broadcasting and it would show him all pissy. HAHA. Take that.
1. The "braid touch".
The End.
{What was YOUR favorite scene in the movie?}