Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Milestones at Four Months:
- Grabs at feet, toys, food, anything and everything! 
- Loves to babble, talk, scream, coo -- he loves to make noise.
- Can roll, scoot (while on his back), turn and move around like a champ! We can lay him on the blanket one direction, and within 5 minutes, he can be facing a different direction, scooted completely off, or rolled onto his tummy.
- Enjoys playing with toys, but everything goes right into his mouth! 
- Let's us know when he is tired. He wants to go to his room, turn on the noise machine, rock and fall asleep. 
- Wearing 6 Month pajamas, rompers, onesies, shirts, and soft pants, Still in 3 month for shorts and size 1 or 2 shoes, depending on the style.
- Loves to people watch, especially other kids. He gets a kick out of watching them run and play! 
- Weighs & Measures: (Will be updated post doctor appointment on 4/20)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Our Easter Sunday was wonderful this year! We woke up to a cloudy and drizzly morning, which turned into an afternoon storm, which has been quite the pattern for us this wet Spring. We attended church, and heard wonderful lessons about the life of Christ, his ministry, and his Crucifixion and Resurrection. After we arrived home, Grant played with his new Easter basket items, and loves the cute Spring animal finger puppets! We hosted our ward missionaries and two of Derek's co-physicians for a yummy dinner of ham, potatoes, asparagus, fresh berries and cornbread. After a lovely message on The Prince of Peace, we enjoyed the delicious and festive carrot cake. It was a wonderful day focusing on Christ and remembering why we celebrate this glorious Spring holiday!

Monday, April 17, 2017


Last week, Grant and I enjoyed two fun days at different Zoo's in our area. We first made the drive down to Fresno, so I could see my sweet cousin Brittany and her darling girls, who were visiting from North Carolina. Brittany and I were college roommates, and it had been too many years since we had seen each other; I hadn't even met her two cute girls! We spent the morning at the Fresno Zoo, and had the best time looking at the animals and feeding the giraffes! After, we had a BBQ at my Aunt Cheryl's house with a lot of my Tatum family that lives in Fresno (my grandmother, aunts, and cousins). This past Saturday, Derek and I ventured to the Oakland Zoo for the morning! It's a short hour drive from our house, and was a fun and relaxing way to spend the morning. They recently had baby baboons born, and they were hilarious to watch climb, jump, and play tag. Grant loved being outside, and rolling around in his stroller both days. It was a great week, with beautiful weather on both of our Zoo days!

Monday, April 3, 2017


Over the weekend, we were able to finally go North and visit South Lake Tahoe. Although we lived closer while in Sacramento, Derek's last year of residency didn't allow the time to do so. Now, with our sweet Grant, we love exploring and getting out. We couldn't have asked for better weather while we were visiting. It was brisk in the early mornings and evenings, with great temperatures during the day. We stayed at the Marriott Grand Residence Club, which is the perfect location, right on the ski hill, and easy access to the lake. We walked the main road, filled with shops and restaurants, ate yummy food, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. After a delicious authentic Italian dinner, we went down to the lake for a beautiful sunset. Ski season is winding down, and since we had baby with us, we didn't get a chance to go skiing this time around. We will be back, and will get up to Northern Tahoe later this year. We love the mountains and the family time we had before a busy week of Derek being on call!