Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Repetition

{Top- Old Navy; Skirt- Ross; Shoes-Target; Belt-Khols; Necklace- Me; Watch- Betsy Johnson}
Look familiar? Yep. It should. I took Sunday's Easter shirt, necklace, and hair style and chose to highlight them again today. I do this a lot. And not just a lot, but A LOT. I wear my outfits in constant repetition, which is why, these WW posts are quite hilarious. I think I've blogged before about being in "outfit rutts". I get stuck wearing and re-wearing the same few pieces for about two or so weeks, and then they go untouched for months. I guess it's just how my brain decides to work. On the other hand, I have basic pieces that I will wear until they (a) no longer fit, (b) get holes from wearing them so much, or (c) they just look a little too ratty. Yes. Notice I didn't list "out of style" as one of them? Good. I really don't follow to many trends, I just buy what I like... and then it might sit in my closet for a few weeks to just let my brain "warm up" to it. Case in point, my shirt. I think I purchased it back in October- and am just now pulling it out. And since Sunday, I have worn it twice. And, it's looking mighty fine again on me today. Good thing I'm a teacher, because outfit repetition is my new best friend! {Okay, actually, Derek is my best friend. And speaking of repetition- he had 4 tests last week and because of his amazing study skills, hard work, long hours, and repetition, his average score for the tests was a 94%. Yes. He's a genius.}

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

{"Easter Walk" posts. Frames and flowers will be featured in another upcoming post :)}
This Easter weekend started out a few weeks ago with planning the ward Easter gathering. Yep. Decided I wasn't busy enough, and helped plan the activity. I was in charge of putting together an "Easter Walk". The idea was to have families take a walk through Christ's last moments from Gethsemane to the Resurrection. At each station, you were welcomed with a short summary to read. It all flowed really nicely and was a very spiritual experience for families to help focus on the important meaning of the holiday.
{Easter Outfits- we tried to match. Derek wasn't in to it. Ha ha}
Today, we were fully prepared to have a fully hyper group of 4-year-olds, and we were not surprised. Thank you Easter Bunny and candy eggs for making it that much harder to teach our kids about the real importance of Easter. We ended up getting through the lesson, and it actually went okay. They were quite fascinated with the pictures we brought describing Christs death and Resurrection-- that lasted about 5 minutes. We were glad when they were able to remember the word "Resurrection". After church, we enjoyed a yummy dinner with some good friends! What a fun way to spend a very special holiday!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I believe in karma. Call me crazy, but I do. Last night, I was helping out a friend with a sick baby, out-of-town husband, and two sleeping toddlers. Yes, she's super Mom. She ended up needing to take baby to the ER (seriously, so sad! I wanted to cry. I hate when babies are sick). My friend and I rushed over to watch her sleeping angles while she headed to the ER. After 4 long hours, a tired baby and mommy came home. We were all relieved to hear that baby was doing better and was fast asleep. When I came home around 1:00 am, Derek brought up the idea of karma. "One day, when we have a sick baby and sleeping kids at home, it's good to know you can have someone to call to come help you out." And it made me think. It's so true. By helping others, we are giving ourselves opportunities to one day be served by others. It made me happy to know that one day in the future, when I'm elbow high in laundry to fold, and over-flowing pile of dishes in the sink, and a sticky floor with spilled juice on it, I'll have someone be willing to help me in my time of need.
So, yes. I believe in good karma...and so should you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Passed......

(Arizona Educators Proficiency Exam)
Yes, I had already passed the Idaho exam (The Praxis) two years ago, but Arizona needed me to take this one as well. Needless to say, I was a little nervous! I was even MORE nervous when I was the first one to finish with 3 hours to spare. But, I went with my "gut instinct" and just turned it in. It was all about using the knowledge and experiences I've used since graduating, student teaching, and teaching this past year.
Luckily, the prize was won.
Derek was so cute in supporting me with this crazy endeavor. He takes multiple tests every week, and when it was my turn, he was so sweet, supportive, and helpful. He's the best!
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Hot

Yep. It's already warm here in good old Arizona. And not the "oh, it's feeling nice outside today" hot. The literal "it's HOT today." Let's pretend that I didn't go to Costco and just stand in the giant refrigerator just because I could. If only our apartment could be that cold. Enter famous scene from "Father of the Bride 2". Remember when Steve Martin's character was wearing a scarf, hat, and jacket in his house because it was so hot outside? Yes, that's my dream right now. Want to know the depressing part, it was only 84 degrees.