Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This past weekend we had visitors! Trina & Whitney came from Idaho for a quick visit before heading back to school & work for the year. We spent the weekend in all of our favorite San Diego spots-- Old Town, Sea World, the beach, and eating lots and lots of food. We even snuck in a quick visit at the hospital to see Doctor Smith in action. At the beach, we all braved the cold (at least I think it is!) water for some boogie boarding and by the end of the day, I would consider both Trina and Whitney to be pros. Whitney had a goal of learning to surf and stood up on her second try--that girl is amazing! Chalk this one up for the record books kids, I don't know if there is a more fun place to visit then San Diego. Next time, we need to get the whole gang out here for a major party. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I think one of the greatest things about living in San Diego is being able to enjoy the weather year round. Thankfully, sweet Lela, our ward enrichment leader took this into high consideration for our enrichment activity for the month. I love working with her and she is so very talented-- I have a feeling all our activities for the year will be up to this caliber of fun and creativity. This month, she planned for us to kayak in the bay--and it was a major hit with all the wonderful ladies in the ward. It was the perfect evening for chatting, snacking, and getting out on the water. There's just something about the freedom of being out on a {tiny} boat, paddling into the sunset that just sets your mind at ease. Ahh, take me back. 

Monday, August 5, 2013


I usually grocery shop on Friday evenings because Derek tends to stay late at the hospitals. I enjoy my weekly date with Trader Joe himself as I pick up a bunch of flowers along with our weekly needs. Last week, when I got home, I realized I had left my milk in the little red cart. Luckily, Derek kindly grabbed some on his way home Saturday afternoon so it wasn't a big deal. We went along our week, having our granola bowls filled with milk and not thinking a thing about the lone & forgotten gallon in the red cart Friday night. All week, I realized my car smelled funky, and after a couple days I had enough. I started looking in every crack and crevasse of my car and came up with nothing but a couple pennies that had fallen in the cracks & a lost pen. I decided to check the trunk, and when I opened it, my knees hit the floor. The stench was so awful. It was there, right in front of me, a full gallon of milk hidden in the turquoise reusable bag. I quickly grabbed it, bag and all and chucked that, what I can only assume, chunky milk into the dumpster. This past Friday, I made sure to tell my cashier "Can you not bag the milk, please?" because, lets face it, I don't think my car (or stomach!) could handle another case of the forgotten milk.