Thursday, August 18, 2011

Off to the Ranch

This morning, Derek completed his last final of his medical school career. It was a very happy day. We celebrated after work with a Chipotle dinner sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor at the coffee table. After a nightly chat with my sister asking about an update of my sick little brother (my parents are still in Thailand and she is playing "Mommy"), we enjoyed snuggling on the couch and laughing to Wipeout. We are heading off to the Smith Family Ranch in a few days and it's hard not to remember all the memories made in visits past.
My first fishing experience was out on the ranch in June 2009. After my 2nd "perfect cast", I snagged this beauty. Riding horses November 2009. Let's just say it's not my favorite thing in the world....Four-wheeling, sledding, and snow ball fights December 2010. That beauty in the background is the family cabin. So beautifully 70's in every way and I love it.


  1. Oh how fun! AND CONGRATS!!!! That is a huge accomplishment! What kind of doc? We love doing the same things! And horseback riding rocks! :) Good fish ya caught there haha! And yeah someday we may have a buffalo head too in our house because my husband loves to hunt and that is his style hahahahahah!!!

    Ashley Sloan

  2. Cute pictures! Glad you guys get a break! Congrats on finishing finals. Must be a great relief! Have a safe and fun trip!

  3. This looks like such a great time!

    And congratulations, of course! You must be feeling really great, about now.

  4. that ranch looks so fun!! i was reading some of your previous posts and i was en EFY counselor too!! i think that same summer you were..haha! have fun at the ranch! :)