Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Milestones at Four Months:
- Grabs at feet, toys, food, anything and everything! 
- Loves to babble, talk, scream, coo -- he loves to make noise.
- Can roll, scoot (while on his back), turn and move around like a champ! We can lay him on the blanket one direction, and within 5 minutes, he can be facing a different direction, scooted completely off, or rolled onto his tummy.
- Enjoys playing with toys, but everything goes right into his mouth! 
- Let's us know when he is tired. He wants to go to his room, turn on the noise machine, rock and fall asleep. 
- Wearing 6 Month pajamas, rompers, onesies, shirts, and soft pants, Still in 3 month for shorts and size 1 or 2 shoes, depending on the style.
- Loves to people watch, especially other kids. He gets a kick out of watching them run and play! 
- Weighs & Measures: (Will be updated post doctor appointment on 4/20)

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