Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I grew up on homemade ground beef and chicken tacos. Salsa & Tabasco basically run through my veins. It was, and still is, one of my favorite dinners. There is just something about a freshly fried & crispy shell, lightly salted and filled with everything good in life that makes me happy! Growing up with ample amounts of incredible Mexican food close by (Southern CA for the win!), and living in San Diego, a short 8 minute drive from Old Town, I definitely appreciate a good taco. When I read about a new fad, The Taco Cleanse, I thought I was dreaming! Although this taco isn't nearly close to being healthy or in this diet, it was still funny to read up on. I served these tacos with my first batch of homemade refried beans, which were fantastic! I used this recipe, and they definitely passed my challenging test. (I am really picky about my beans. Again, let's chalk it up to my refined Mexican Food palate). So, gear up for the Super Bowl with this taco spread. I guarantee your guests will be thrilled, whoever does win.

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