Monday, May 4, 2015


Recently, Derek and I have been using our weekend date on early Saturday mornings for breakfast or brunch. We head out and dine one delicious and savory options that remind us why we love maple syrup so much. Last weekend (while Derek was working), I had some girlfriends over for a brunch and bouquet building party. I first saw the idea here, and thought it was darling! All of my guests were invited to bring a bouquet of a single type of flower to contribute to the bouquet bar. With a table full of crème brule French toast, Greek frittata, and fresh berries, we brunched and enjoyed a lovely spring morning. After, we cleared the table and started to assemble our bouquets. With so many lovely choices, colors, and aromas, it was so fun to see what each of us came up with! We all left with full tummies, and a lovely bouquet to brighten our homes with. I already have ideas floating in my head of how to make this Fall friendly with pumpkin muffins, savory squash & zucchini quiche, and all those deep orange and red florals for bouquets!

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