Monday, April 27, 2015


Growing up, my family & I had the immense privilege of traveling to the islands of Hawaii. To this day, we all love the island vibe of relaxation, beauty, and the memories we made through the years. One of our favorite things while visiting Maui, is walking to Whaler’s Village in Kaanapali in the evening for dinner on the water and to watch the sunset. (This is where Derek and I also went on our honeymoon!) To this day, I still crave the delicious fish tacos and nachos on the patio of Leilani’s. For weeks after each trip, other fish tacos cannot compare. Something about the breeze, sunset, and gentle ukulele music playing, perhaps? Last weekend, I tried my hand at making our own fish tacos for dinner, and I was not disappointed! This easy & short cut recipe is sure to please any fish taco fan & jazz up your weeknight dinner routine a little. Now, if only my patio had an ocean view, I would be in paradise! 

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