Friday, August 31, 2012

DC Bound

{Photo from our trip to Greenfield Village}
Today we packed up our little apartment in Michigan and waved goodbye for 5 months. We're off to DC for Derek's first clerkship and I couldn't be more excited! I have never been  to the Capitol City before, so I got myself a book and read up on what I should see in my short time I will be here. After a few days in the city, I will of course have a tearful goodbye as Derek drops me at the airport and I fly to California where I will be staying during Derek's travels across the country, with of course monthly visits to him at his locations.
Any tips & must sees or eats while we're both in the Capitol City? 


  1. sounds like you will have fun...
    sorry that you'll be apart, but i am happy it's for a good reason! :)

    xo - ashley

  2. see it all! ok, not possible, but have fun. so much to do there, with never enough time good reason to go back though. does this mean derek has to make the drive from dc to sf? terrible.

    1. Yes! We will for sure be back! No, he goes to Denver for October... So only driving from DC to Denver... Only 27 hours! Haha