Thursday, September 6, 2012

Home to Stay

Well, we survived Labor Day weekend in D.C. It was busy, crowded, hot & humid, but really, really fun. We both totally fell in love with the city and all aspects of it. Riding the metro, the museums, local restaurants for dinner, and especially the neighborhood of Capitol Hill. I left Derek in the city for his first clerkship of the year and am at home in San Diego with my family. So far, Derek is enjoying the hospital, even though 18+ hour days might kill him in the end. I can't complain....I'm being just a tiny bit spoiled here at home.
Photos from our weekend will be up soon.


  1. So glad you made it home safe. I hope that you have lots of fun with your family and that the time away from your hubby passes quickly! You guys are awesome and I love all the fun adventures you have been on! I can't wait to see more pics!!

    1. Thanks friend! It hasn't been bad at all so far! I get to see him in 3.5 weeks and am really excited! He's the one who misses me the more laundry, cooking, or cleaning service! HAHA! Hope you and your cute kidies are doing well!