Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bragging Rights

{Derek's head shot he sent in with his scholarships. So handsome!}
It has been quite an exciting week at the Smith home. Besides celebrating the 4th of July with a house full of friends and great food, we started the week of with a BANG! Last Monday, Derek found out that he was granted a scholarship that he applied to months ago. We pretty much gave up hope that he didn't receive it, since it was nation wide. But, little did we know, the next morning we got the news and couldn't be more THRILLED! Later in the week, class ranks came out again {they only do them once a year} and again, we were excited to see that Derek hadn't moved in placement. Now wait, that probably sounds a little strange to you readers, but it sounds good to us because you can't go any farther up then him! YES! He maintained his status of being first in the class for the past 3 years. Again, THRILLED! We took some time to go out and celebrate Saturday night over dinner, shopping, frozen yogurt, and a good snuggle.
I am so grateful and lucky that Derek is such a hard worker and go-getter. I know that we will be so blessed down the road for all his hard work, time, and effort he is putting into school and learning right now. I am so proud of you babe!


  1. woo hoo! go derek!
    that's awesome!

  2. Oh how great...Way to go #1! Keep up the awesome, hard, dedicated work! Our school doesn't give out any official rankings...but I have my suspicions based on the numbers they do give us ;) So good about the scholarship too...we are waiting to hear back on one yet and are so anxious to hear!

  3. wow that's incredible! So exciting! sounds like you two really deserve it! It's so nice to have a hard worked for a husband :)


  4. WOW that is AWESOME. I am so impressed, Good for you guys :)

  5. Congratulation to Derek! That is wonderful news! All of his hard work definitely paid off!

    P.S. Oh my gosh!! Your comment about stealing flowers from your campus = brililant! I literally LOL'ed! :)

  6. Wow! That's great!!!! Congrats!