Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Board Exam (Part I)

{The 4th of July 2011}
Dear Board Exam Part I,

This photo was taken the last time I saw my husband for more than 2 executive hours, (not including sleeping) besides today when we had a 3 hour block at church. Even then, I was with him about an hour of it. So, I think it's time for you to come and visit, Wednesday perhaps? Yes, Wednesday is the day. Also, please be kind to my boy. He has been working and studying so hard for the past few months, and even HARDER the past few weeks. Now, since you're a computer test, please don't wig out on him and be all spastic like some of your family members are (BYU-Idaho online testing center? Worst computers ever!) In the end, he's ready to take you down, and I am ready to have my husband back.



P.S. When you come back in a couple years for Part II, let's cut a deal so Derek already knows everything and won't have to study at all. Ha ha. If only.....


  1. Good luck to Derek! The Board Exam (both parts) sounds like an intense test!

    You look really pretty in this picture, by the way. :) I love your short hair, and that necklace is way too cute.


  2. good luck to your husband!! husband's work so hard, don't they? it's hard to see them when they study so hard and you just want to play! (i'm a selfish my mind. supportive on the outside, though. :) anyway, hope all goes well for you guys and that you get to spend some quality time with your man soon!

    you're adorable, by the way! love all the comments you leave on my blog! have a great day!

  3. aww good luck to your hubs!!! he sounds like such a smarty pants. you are a lucky girl :)

  4. Are you up at BYUI? my motivation and management class is from sister mcmanus! i love it! but my health teacher is brother lamph! he's a meany! ;)
    good luck to your hubby!

  5. Buh. Tests suck. I'm excited for you guys, though. He's getting close to being done! Much luck to your hubby.