Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awkward Moments

Everyone has them. Everyone loves sharing them. Well, here are my top 5 most awkward/embarrassing moments. Feel free to share one as a comment- we all need a good laugh!

5. After just hanging up the phone with a parent at work and saying "Thanks! Bye!", I quickly answered another incoming call with "Thanks! Bye!" Needless to say, the caller was very confused and quickly said "Wait! Wait! NO!" We both had a laugh, but the rest of the conversation was very short and full of awkward tension. (May 2011)

4. It's a cold, wet morning in Rexburg, Idaho. Of course, I had to have a couple extra bites of my cereal that morning and was running late. Literally- I was running. I was booking it to the door of my building and very excited because the snow was pouring down in buckets. Everyone else must have also enjoyed their breakfasts because a LOT of people were walking by and past me. I was crossing the Taylor quad and all of a sudden, I was in a full splits. I had slipped on a HUGE patch of ice about 20 feet from the door. It was awesome. I kinda just sat there for a minute until a nice young man asked "Umm.. do you need some help?" Of course, being my sarcastic and sassy self, I said "No, I like it down here." Maybe why I never got a date? (February 2007)

3. Walking through the hallway in high school, I was hit in the face with a door. Now, the janitors were nice enough to paint bright yellow door lines of where the door would swing open. But, I was flirting with a guy I like, ignoring the yellow line, and WHAM. Right in the face. The best part, it was my hip Spanish teacher who knew about the crush. Anyways, nothing ever happened between us- probably because my nose always had the smashed look in his eyes. (March 2004)

2. Imagine a beautiful Hawaiian resort packed with families. My sister and I were swimming in the pool along with lots of other kids and teenagers. Yes, we were teenagers. Anyways, I was being a brat and stole goggles from her. BAD idea. She was so mad, and proceeded to chase me out of the pool back to the spot where our parents were lounging, and where I thought I'd be safe. Boy, was I wrong! She then went straight for my swimsuit bottoms and pulled straight down. Yes, my full moon was out for everyone to see. I literally ran away balling my eyes out while everyone in the pool gave me a round of applause. (April 2006)

1. Yes, this takes the cake {ha ha ha} as my most awkward moment.


  1. hahahaha! Oh my goodness! That was a pretty extreme thing for your sister to do. hahaha! Hilarious though. :)

  2. You were talking to nutrition buddy??!

  3. haaaaa! that is classic! i love the embarassing moments.

    can i ask why the cake cutting was embarassing...am I missing something?!

  4. Hahaha...I can relate on a few of these!

    Agree with not getting why the cake cutting is embarrassing?? I feel like there must be an inside joke on that one, because you look a whole lot more 'gorgeous' than 'awkward.'

  5. I absolutely HATED cutting the cake at our wedding! Everyone was just standing like 10 feet away staring right at me! I had over 200 eyes on me and just felt the tension! This is why we didn't dance, throw flowers, or do a garter toss. My Mom MADE us cut the cake, and I hated every second of it!

  6. I loved every single of of these! And I loved what you said to the guy when you fell. :) That picture of you two is beautiful! Even if it was awkward for you. Here's my story. I have way too many to count but this one was recent:

    I fell up the stairs and said something extremely awkward like, "Ha ha! I'm having one of those days!" to the guy behind me. He was talking on his phone, and he gave me a disgusted look and STEPPED OVER ME and kept walking! Yep. Chivalry really is dead. At least your guy asked if you needed some help ;)

  7. hahaha these are hilarious :) but OH MY goodness, your dress and cake were SO beautiful. Like woah.