Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I believe in karma. Call me crazy, but I do. Last night, I was helping out a friend with a sick baby, out-of-town husband, and two sleeping toddlers. Yes, she's super Mom. She ended up needing to take baby to the ER (seriously, so sad! I wanted to cry. I hate when babies are sick). My friend and I rushed over to watch her sleeping angles while she headed to the ER. After 4 long hours, a tired baby and mommy came home. We were all relieved to hear that baby was doing better and was fast asleep. When I came home around 1:00 am, Derek brought up the idea of karma. "One day, when we have a sick baby and sleeping kids at home, it's good to know you can have someone to call to come help you out." And it made me think. It's so true. By helping others, we are giving ourselves opportunities to one day be served by others. It made me happy to know that one day in the future, when I'm elbow high in laundry to fold, and over-flowing pile of dishes in the sink, and a sticky floor with spilled juice on it, I'll have someone be willing to help me in my time of need.
So, yes. I believe in good karma...and so should you!


  1. oh becca! you have no idea how much you helped last night! thank you thank you thank you!

    and, yes, there is a such thing as karma. ;) hopefully i can return the favor sometime. cute outfit too!

  2. Haha I believe in Karma too!
    What goes around, comes right back around. :)
    Love the outfit lady!

  3. i couldn't agree with you more! do good deeds, and you shall receive the favor in return. :)

    your outfit of the day makes me wish it was summer! i'm loving the bright colors and strappy sandals. oh sun, where are you?

    by the way, thank you so much for your sweet comment! i'm glad i was able to introduce you to the aspirin mask! it has worked wonders for me! you mentioned a few of your friends were also subscribed to me. just curious, you wouldn't happen to be friends with ally/kelsey/stephanie would you? you guys seem like such a great group of girls!


  4. i believe in karma as well! your shirt is like my fav color. LOVE IT.

  5. ...and if you live in Southern Cali you can count of your mom (and favorite Aunt :)) to help you out!!!

  6. i totally believe in karma, we totally get back what we put out in life.

  7. Becca!
    Oh my gosh! It has been TOOOOO long! when I saw your comment I squealed!
    How in the world are you?!
    You are gorgeous as ever! I would love to be a follower and see how life is treating you! <3