Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

{"Easter Walk" posts. Frames and flowers will be featured in another upcoming post :)}
This Easter weekend started out a few weeks ago with planning the ward Easter gathering. Yep. Decided I wasn't busy enough, and helped plan the activity. I was in charge of putting together an "Easter Walk". The idea was to have families take a walk through Christ's last moments from Gethsemane to the Resurrection. At each station, you were welcomed with a short summary to read. It all flowed really nicely and was a very spiritual experience for families to help focus on the important meaning of the holiday.
{Easter Outfits- we tried to match. Derek wasn't in to it. Ha ha}
Today, we were fully prepared to have a fully hyper group of 4-year-olds, and we were not surprised. Thank you Easter Bunny and candy eggs for making it that much harder to teach our kids about the real importance of Easter. We ended up getting through the lesson, and it actually went okay. They were quite fascinated with the pictures we brought describing Christs death and Resurrection-- that lasted about 5 minutes. We were glad when they were able to remember the word "Resurrection". After church, we enjoyed a yummy dinner with some good friends! What a fun way to spend a very special holiday!

Happy Easter!


  1. cute post becca!!! happy easter! hope it was super xoxo

  2. how cute! :) sounds like you had a great easter!

  3. Super cute! You are gorgeous! And I LOVE your blog header :)