Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One of Those Days

Yep. I said the cliche' "It was one of those days..." tonight. Okay, can someone tell me what exactly that means? I guess my definition sounds something like this:
  • Running into the wall after a fire drill. Yep. Face first. Then, having the entire 6th grade laugh.
  • Being on hold for 45 minutes at the AZ Department of Education-- and I didn't even get to talk to them because the phones shut off when they closed right at 5:00.
  • Students not understanding how to divide fractions. I even taught them the good old "flip and switch" way. So, I graded the homework and it was a disaster. I mean, I GUESS it can be hard to flip the second fraction and then multiply straight across... but seriously? So glad I won't be there when they are doing harder things.
  • Totally forgetting how to teach complementary and supplementary angles to my kids at Sylvan. I swear, they were looking at me like "Why is this crazy lady teaching us?"
  • Inhaling 3 pieces of pizza for dinner. Yep 3. With extra red pepper flakes. Firey{is that a word?} burps tonight? Sorry babe.
  • Just standing in the shower after a long day of work and feeling the hot water run until it became cold. I just needed to wash off all the stress. Too bad that doesn't really work.
So..... please don't judge me for going to bed at 9:12 p.m. tonight. I think I deserve it-- especially after my brain was a little rattled after hitting a brick wall- literally.


  1. You're so cute! Im sorry you had a bad day :( At least you made everyone laugh!

  2. I go to bed around that time every night :) Here's to a better tomorrow!