Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to School

Today, I went to Derek's school. Yes, I go there often on Saturday to eat lunch outside with him. Yes, I go there to drop off books, snacks, and important things he may need. And yes, I occasionally sneak into the gym and work on my fitness. But, today was different. I was actually "invited" by the faculty. Okay, that makes it sound way more important then it really was. Basically, they had a meeting about 3rd & 4th year rotations. This was really important for us to go to. We learned that Derek will be traveling around the Phoenix area for his 3rd year. Good deal to me. Close to my baby. For the 4th year, he'll have a central "CORE" location somewhere in the country where he is accepted. Soooo, we are really excited to see where he/we will be going in the next few years. Connecticut for the Harvard/Yale program? Colorado for a fantastic one in Denver? Texas for another great program in San Antonio? California for great facilities in the San Fran area? The ones NOT on my list: Arizona, New Mexico, and Michigan. As for now, we sit & wait. Oh and laugh at how awkward it is to sit and laugh while a picture is being taken.

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