Friday, January 14, 2011

Why I Blog

{Hawaii 2010}
I have a love/hate relationships with a couple blogs out there in the online blogging world. I love the cute outfit ideas, but hate the perfect, thin, and gorgeous girls wearing the clothes. I love getting cute ideas for home decor, but hate the beautiful, lush, and perfect homes. I love laughing at ridiculous blog posts, but hate the braggy-brag-brag ladies who's days consists of perfect shopping trips, children, and girl night outs. Do we see a word trend here? Yes, perfect.
My wonderful friend Stephanie just posted the most wonderful post on her blog. Check it out. Not only did she share her wonderful Birthday weekend with us, she shared the reason why she began blogging. Her post really got me thinking and inspired me. I loved how she brought up the reason she blogged was for herself.
The good days.
The bad days.
The everyday simple pleasures in life.
I realized that I loved blogging for those reasons as well. I enjoy sharing our life, adventures, and even the hard times with those who read my blog. I like to think of it as my journal. I have never been one to write, because when I do, I start to doo-doo-doodle away. So, let's ask ourselves the question... Why do I blog?
I blog for me,
because my life isn't perfect.


  1. Awhh thanks :)
    Just thought I clarify I blog for me.
    But if people choose to look, they are free too!
    Some peoples blog I laugh out loud looking at, and some have even become a family joke.
    Great post.

  2. I blog because I no longer had time to scrapbook. This is a way for me to preserve some family memories. Every year I upload my blog into a book for our family to enjoy for years to come!

  3. Good reason Aunt Danielle! I totally LOVE how you do that... I've been thinking about it also!