Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Derek

Blogging world. I would like you to meet "Friday Derek".

"Friday Derek" comes home from school ready for a break! After a week of tests, countless hours studying, and the natural "wear & tear" from being a medical school student, we're BOTH ready for a fun night out.We usually go out for a yummy dinner and then see what adventures we come across. Last week, we ate at a local BBQ place featured multiple times on Food Network. Sounds like a normal husband/wife date? Wrong. This is why I not only love Derek, but "Friday Derek". We then preceded to go to Hobby Lobby to look at tree skirts. Yep, tree skirts. What kind of guy wants to spend a Friday night doing that? Yep. Mine. Then, we headed next door to Home Goods, where Derek bought me the most amazing pillow in the world. He was happy it wasn't another throw for our bed, but a regular, standard, bed pillow. He carried my pillow while I browsed each isle for the next 40 minutes. Have I mentioned how great he is? One night, "Friday Derek" took me shopping. He let me try on clothes, and then bought me some cute tops and a pair of shoes. He may not enjoy these date nights, but I know I do! So, I'm really excited that today is Friday and I get loving, fun, silly, sweet, Derek for the night.
Tonight's plan? Temple session, walking around the decorated grounds, and a yummy homemade chili & cornbread dinner.


  1. I am thinking "Friday Derek" is going to be "Friday Derek" all the time when it get done with school. You are such a lucky girl. But I do love me some "Sunday Seb"