Monday, July 27, 2015


This past Saturday, we started the day early and hit the California State Fair at Cal Expo (home of the CALIFORNIA letters that sparked the original entrance for Disney's CA Adventure). We spent the majority of the morning admiring the beautiful Clydesdale horses and stables before enjoying the county float exhibits inside. San Diego upset us by not participating (what's up with that?!) but the Northern CA counties did NOT disappoint! Sacramento County won three blue ribbons and Sonoma and Monterrey were close seconds. It was a fun morning spent walking around and exploring. We discovered a water park inside the expo, and will for sure be going back for a day of water slides! We splurged on frozen lemonade to combat the afternoon heat, as well as trying a deep fried Twinkie, which was surprisingly delicious! We love going to the fair, and thankfully it only comes around once a year. I'm not sure our waistlines could handle it if it was a regular occurrence.


  1. You make everything looks so dreamy..... love all these pictures, as usual. Live it up!