Monday, January 5, 2015


 San Diego has been having a bit of a "cold snap", or so Southern Californians like to call 60 degree days and 30 degree nights. With the cold, all things warm and comforting have sounded delicious to us. On a Saturday evening while Derek was working, I asked him what he wanted for Sunday dinner. He replied back with, "meat and potatoes", which is pretty standard for this cattle rancher from Idaho. I searched recipe books and decided to combine our favorite things into one dish, and Sunday night beef stew was born. It's a classic take on a beef stew, with the twist of serving the thick mixture on top of mashed potatoes, rather then incorporating them in the stew. When I plated and brought this to the table, Derek yelled, "Yes. YES! This looks amazing." Well, I can officially chalk up another point to dinner with this one folks. A major crowd pleaser and fairly inexpensive and simple to make! 


  1. Becca! Do you take these photos yourself? They are amazing! I need to have you take my pictures for pattern testing. Amazing!!! :)

    1. I do take them myself. Thank you! I am very ammeter.. not at ALL what you call a professional! Glad you like. :)

  2. Yup, totally stalking all your blog posts now. So glad I discovered your blog!