Wednesday, August 13, 2014


As a prequel to my post last summer, Derek's family came to visit us in San Diego this past weekend. I guess our plea of great food, beach days, and a trip to the famous zoo was more then enough to convince Trina, Kevin, and Whitney to spend a couple days with us in the city. We were all treated to one of the best zoo days in our book with all the animals being out and active in the cooler weather. The pandas gave us all quite the show while chomping on bamboo, while the elephants cooled themselves in the water and dust. We dined at only our favorite locations, and even took a trip down memory lane for Kevin when we found a local Italian restaurant in Old Town he had eaten at 18 years prior. He was happy to report that the pasta was just as good as he had remembered, (and had been dreaming about for years!) and the charming patio was perfect for a cool night under the stars. We woke up to some great waves on Saturday and spent the entire day boogie boarding. We all came out a little pink and sore, but it was totally worth it! On Sunday, my brother Dallin spoke in church before leaving on his two year mission for our church. It was a wonderful meeting filled with family, and friends (18 school friends came to support him!) and just a great day all around, ending with a super moon sighting. This weekend will be hard to beat, but I think another trip to the city we love so much is in the books for next Spring. Hopefully we got the Idaho good ju-ju and will be blessed with countless more great zoo days and waves for days.

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