Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Ever since hearing the phrase "giant turkey leg" uttered out of a fellow co-residents mouth last summer, Derek has literally been counting down the days until the San Diego County Fair came back for the summer. We headed out early Saturday morning and were some of the first through the gate, which was a special treat to have a little bit of time without the crowds. We walked the fairgrounds taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of the fair. We enjoyed bands, watching the rides, and seeing the cattle and sheep judging before falling victim to the delicious smells of the food booths. Kettle corn & fried zucchini were high on my list, but Derek was determined to get his turkey leg. When it was time for the turkey leg to be purchased, I swear Derek was the happiest person on the planet. He was giddy as he walked over to the big grill to hand him his ticket, and the look of victory on his face as he raised it high above his head. I mean, would you check out his face? 


  1. Too funny! I haven't been to a fair since high school! I miss it but Austin HATES the rides (my favorite) and doesn't want to go with our small kids. One day! : D

    1. We don't go on the rides-- it's so expensive! We do the free stuff like the animals and then the turkey leg. HAHA. It didn't even taste good! I'm sure Derek is like Austin and says, "Idaho fairs have WAY MORE animals." haha.