Monday, June 30, 2014


Every couple of weeks, Derek and I get one of those "magical Saturdays" where he doesn't have to work and we cram as much as we can into a full day. I remember when I didn't even know what a Saturday was when we first were married. Derek had just started his second, and what most deem as "hell year" of medical school. He spent his Saturdays in the study lounge on campus from about 7 AM - 7 PM, and sometimes even longer then that. We would usually always break for dinner, and sometimes a movie if we were lucky. At the start of his third year clinical rotations, he had completed his first board exam and did not have multiple tests on campus each week. We woke up one Saturday morning in early September of 2011, rolled over in bed to Derek looking at me and said, "So what are we going to do today?" I think my heard skipped a beat! Finally, a real day to play! Now, we balance weekend call at four hospitals, emergency surgeries, and pager that always seems to go off right as we are about to do something fun into most Saturdays. This past weekend, we crammed the day with a trip to the San Diego Temple, Safari Park, beach, and dinner at Old Town. At the beach, we set up our umbrella and just lounged and talked for 2 hours. It was exactly what we needed. These days are the best. They are so needed. Sometimes its a stretch of four to six weeks before this day comes, but it always comes.


  1. Austin had his very last weekend call this past weekend! We aren't going to have a clue what to do with ourselves this year! : )

    1. You will have SOOO much fun! You guys will need to try to get out to Holland or that Western part of Michigan and go to the beach. It's BEAUTIFUL! Derek has like NO call compared to intern year. But, they also cover 4 hospitals at this residency. He has every other weekend pretty much through August, and then only 3 full crazy weeks Sept - November, and then pretty spotty the rest of the year. And he got decent holidays too- 4th of July, Martin Luther King Jr. (Monday), and Easter. I was like, "We'll take it!" I guess that's what happens when you move up and get 4 new 1st years instead of 3. MUAHAHAHAAHA. :) :)