Monday, April 14, 2014


It probably goes without saying, but the San Diego Zoo is one of the greatest zoos out there. We like to consider ourselves "zoo connoisseurs", meaning that we have visited a zoo in every city we have lived in and (almost) visited. Clearly, you won't see us on any anti zoo picket line. That being said, now that we live in San Diego, with about a 7 minute car ride to the zoo, we have season passes. One of our favorite things to do is go right when it opens in the morning and basically have the park to ourselves. We can walk the hills up to the top of the park and then meander down by the bears and the new Australian exhibit with koalas. The Safari Park in Escondido is also part of the Zoo, just in a different set up. At this park, you can ride a safari tram around to see African savanna animals. When we visited last month, a plethora of baby animals were making their appearance and it was just that much more fun to sit and watch two baby lion cubs playing with each other for the good part of an hour. Both of these parks are well loved by all who visit, and definitely a "must see" on our San Diego list.


  1. All the animals at the zoo and Derek is the most difficult one to photograph.