Friday, March 21, 2014


Every year, Derek and I fill out our March Madness brackets in hopes of beating each other out for the hefty (ha ha) amount of $40. I have beat him every. single. year. since we have been married. And I am sure to let EVERYONE know. We are big Duke fans over here and definitely favor our Blue Devils very highly, and this year I knew Jabari Parker could take us to the final two. This year, with the introduction of the Yahoo! Billion Dollar Bracket, the stakes are even higher. I'm even in a bracket with all men from the ward. I gotta represent the double XX chromosome and fight for all my female ladies out there. You better believe we both entered and are holding our good luck charms extra tight. One can hope, right? 


  1. yes, my boy jabari reppin the the mo's & south side chicago! can you believe i am on blog front again? the salad looks yummy! have you tried the power green salad mix from costco? i eat it twice a day. {kale, spinach, and chards} try it! the banana bread look delish too! come visit meeeee!

    1. Yes! I love that mix SOO much! I buy it every week! We are the same person! I am so glad you are back. Now, I will go stalk your blog. Fingers crossed something is posted. Xoxoxo