Monday, March 3, 2014


A definite "must see" in San Diego is the beautiful and exciting Balboa Park. It is home to beautiful architecture, museums, play houses, the famous San Diego Zoo, and much more. Last weekend the weather was perfect; a bit overcast with a cool breeze. We shot over to the park to visit the zoo for a few hours, but the membership line was wrapped around the entrance twice over. Instead, we kept walking and explored the grounds a bit more. The eclectic mix of visitors alone is entertainment enough; college students lounging on the grass, street performers, dogs of all sizes, preachers, teachers, candlestick makers (just kidding). We parked ourselves behind the Museum of Man (above) in the newest addition to the park known as Globe Theater for some afternoon snacks. We decided that the upcoming show of "Into the Woods" is a definite must on our summer to-do list this year. It was an enjoyable detour before heading into the zoo to check out some real wild animals. 


  1. Lovely photography. I too am a fan of that vest! Looks fab!

  2. Thank you friend! That means a lot coming from you & your great eye. Trying to practice a bit more. :)