Monday, January 6, 2014


This year we traveled up the I-15 to Idaho- that great state we both love so much. It was the place Derek grew up and the place we met in college. Derek's hometown of Oakley is just the cutest little ranch town on the planet full of friendly people and hard working ranchers. This year, we weren't welcomed with snow, but rather dry fields & sunny days. The week started out with back-to-back family parties, in which I was assigned the task of decorating tables. (These people know me too well!) After that, all Christmas festivities started with baking, eating, and more baking. (It was even more of a treat to find out the sugar cookie recipe used by Great Grandma Neibaur is almost the exact same as my Grandma Tatum's. I just love connections like that between our families!) From the blanket fort on Christmas Eve, to family dinners and trips to the movies, the week was exactly what we needed. A time to relax, enjoy, and be with those we love. Derek was especially in heaven with his younger cousins and Mark (bro in law) when Grandpa Smith's old shotgun and .22 were tested out. I love getting to spend time with the girls in the family, since we have always lived the farthest away, and to catch up and talk about all things girl. I think it's safe to say, it was a great Christmas had by all! 

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  1. Oh my word what fun pictures! Glad you guys had such a nice trip! It is great to get some time away with family!