Friday, September 13, 2013


Twenty Five. 20 + 5. Twenty + Five. 25.
This is one of those ages in high school/early college you just think about. You wonder where will you be. What you will be doing. Who you will be with. Why did you end up there. Now that I'm at "that" number, I can say that my journey to the quarter of a century has been a great one. In my early twenties I graduated college, met, dated, & married, held my first teaching job, moved across the country, and so much more. To celebrate, I have come up with 10 small and simple things I want to accomplish the next year. Just things to make me look back on during a future birthday and think, "Hey, that time in life was pretty great." So cheers to the big 25....I have a feeling it's going to be pretty fantastic.
  • send a hand written note to someone once a week
  • participate & journal a 3-5 day juice fast/cleanse
  • take an overnight trip somewhere in Southern California
  • read the Book of Mormon 3 times 
  • eat & journal a list of favorite local San Diego restaurants 
  • host a dinner party once a month
  • complete & journal 5 exercise "challenges" 
  • practice new photography/Photoshop techniques
  • bake a pie from scratch 
  • attend the temple once a month


  1. good goals! {juice fast: by the end of your first day, or morning of the second- you'll want to chew one of your own arms off you'll be so hungry!} i need to write some goals down- other than shower, brush teeth, put bra on...

    1. I know. But, I'm determined to try! :) I strip down after work everyday and then put on exercise clothes to work out. So, I enjoy bra-less time for about 15 minutes.