Monday, September 23, 2013


Something I love to do is play hostess. Luckily, our ward is filled with many talented women who enjoy doing the same thing, and a lot who wanted to learn more tips and tricks when doing so. We decided this would be a great activity to learn from the many talented women in our ward and make a party out of it. We invited all to participate in an hors d'oeuvre contest, and view examples of hosting ranging from centerpieces to fruit displays. Lela, as always, pulled out all the stops with our beautiful display table, which made it almost impossible to think we were in the seminary room. It was a great activity filled with fun, friends, and too many yummy foods to choose from. The winner (and one of my favorites) was Stephanie's mini chicken & waffles, which I'm still craving to this day. 


  1. what a fun activity! come be on our rs board please. all that food look delicious. now i must go eat.

    1. I would LOVE too. I love hanging out with you and R. It was so yummy! That chicken and waffles and the bread with fig butter and onions did me in.