Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Groundhog Birthday

 This little groundhog is 22 today. 
And dang, she makes it look goooood. 
Happy Birthday to my baby sister Rachel who has put up with ME her whole life. From almost rolling over her on the 3rd day she was born, opening her first birthday presents, torturing her with endless make overs and truth or dare sessions, to even attending 2 semesters of college together. It has been such a fun ride, and I can't wait for more. 
Love you baby sister! 
 Also, another groundhog came up, saw a shadow, and decided winter needed to stick around for 6 more weeks. Arizona winters are amazing, so I am thrilled. 
Are you?


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister!

    And unfortunately, I am not as thrilled for winter as you are. Haha! Seattle winters aren't my favorite.


  2. So fun! Happy Birthday to your Sis! As for winter, it can stay forever! At least until my due date!

  3. Happy birthday to your sis- you two are adorable! And yes- AZ winters are AMAZING! I could not believe it was almost 80 degrees when we were there!