Monday, January 23, 2012

Turquoise & Red Valentines

 "It all started, with a chair." 
Movie? Anyone, anyone? {One of my favorites by the way}. But for reals, it did. On Friday, I decided to take the day off since my MLK holiday was spent working an 8-hour shift at Sylvan. I was driving around town and saw it. There it was. In a pile of junk. A fantastic blue chair. I pulled over, ran up, tested it out and asked "How much?!" Giddy with excitement, I purchased this beauty, took it home, gave it a good wash, and got to work sprucing up the house for Valentines day.  
My shelves are constantly changing with the seasons and whatever else I can find. This was a particularly easy season to decorate. I made a quick pennant banner {mildly obsessed}, used our trusty chalkboard from our Christmas photos, a couple frames, and love birds and called it good. The blocks and heart "wreath" were Target dollar store items from last year.
 I also scored the mirror and oval frame on this wall for a couple bucks each. They needed a good clean and a nice coat of white paint, but they did the job. Adding more white to the wall and taking away a lot of the black opened up the space and made it feel clean and crisp. Throw in the fun prints (via pinterest) and it really makes it come together.
Another mini pennant banner {told ya}, one of our favorite Beatles songs, and some felt hearts made this area come together very quickly as well.
Our weekend was spent going to the temple, eating a late lunch, and Derek reading/studying while I prepared for New Beginnings & YW lesson. All were done with the windows and sliding door wide open. 
Arizona winters are amazing.


  1. Your place is too cute! I love how you always change your bookshelf to fit the next up and coming holiday. And the fact that you got everything for just a couple bucks each makes your decorations 10x cooler. :)

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  2. Cutest place EVER award goes to you :)

  3. Can you come decorate my house for each season? I don't know how you find the time but I am jealous

  4. LOVE the chair! I never find awesome stuff like that!
    And your decor is so cute! I want to decorate so badly... this move is so inconvenient haha. How about when.we're all settled, you can come decorate for me? ;)

  5. You are so festive! Valentines Day is my favorite, so I love it all!

  6. Your designs are so fantastic it is ridiculous! I absolutely love that room!

  7. you have the stinkin' cutest house! i love the colors!

  8. Cute details!!! Love that turquoise chair!