Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friends & Babies

On Sunday, Stephanie and I decided to have a little get together at the park with some lovelies from the ward. Here is a shot before most of us packed up to leave. I think highly of these women. All of them are mothers, or soon to be (how adorable is Kristi in the green?) and all of us are in the same boat- all of our husbands are in graduate school programs or recently graduated. Thankfully, we can all get together and discuss how crazy our lives are before we all get whisked away to new adventures. The difference is, they all have little ones to juggle while their husbands are at class, studying, taking tests, or even away in different countries (You Thunderbird wives are rock stars!)
Also, why haven't we gotten the baby memo yet? 
P.S. Pretty sure sweet Jessie was off chasing her 2 boys and little girl around the park being 5 months pregnant. You go girl! 


  1. Such a fun idea! You party planners are awesome! Thanks for the invite! I am excited to see where everyone will end up! Makes me think of ol' Dr.Suess, Oh the places you'll go! We def need to take advantage of the short time we have together!!

    As for the babies, you are welcome to borrow mine until you have your very own sweet little ones! But do enjoy your newlywed/pre kiddie stage as long as it lasts because it goes so fast! You an Derek will be awesome parents!

  2. yes, kristi is cute, and jessie can still do 10K's with all the chasing she does! and midwestern wives rock too because they let their husbands put pig's feet in the freezer :) lets do another party soon ok?

  3. It's always good to have a group of friends you can totally relate to. I'm glad you have these ladies! :)