Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Forced Christmas List

Santa & his elves have already been too good to me this holiday season. I had an early shipment of Christmas a couple weeks ago fly in from Carlsbad, California where, my Mom {AkA Santa's Little Helper} showered us with gifts. I already received my gifts- pieces to my cherished nativity & a humidifier- from her and they have been put to good use. After that, another helper in Oakley, Idaho {AkA my Mother-in-Law} slipped a check in the mail for vaccuum. Again, being put to GREAT use. Who knew fresh vacuum lines could make one so happy? But, alas. There is one other elf. A sneaky one who actually lives with me. He has been begging me to drop hints for what I might want this holiday season, and all I could give him was food storage. Well, as you can imagine, that didn't go over well. So I settled on the last piece of my nativity, sparkly Toms, tickets to "Wicked" {coming to ASU in February} & "Tangled" on DVD. Let's see what Santa's 3rd & final little helper has in store for me this year.
Derek's Christmas wish list coming soon. Stay tuned- his will crack you up.
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  1. Becca, Wicked was the best! I would see it OVER and OVER again. I am so jealous! The Nutcracker is here until the end of the month, and I think we might drop some mula to go to it. I'm into musicals. Weird?

    Love the "practical" Christmas. I am right there with ya!

  2. I would love that denim shirt! Also hope you didn't think my list was too material! I will maybe get 3 things but really that's not what Christmas is about but I like making lists & looking at pretty things lol. I love doing fun activities with friends & family & the memories!!

  3. Ha ha ha I know Ashley! I will prob get one of these things only as well! Derek just likes having options. Ha ha ha yet his list is quite long ;)

  4. Umm... we are pretty much twins! I want a vacuum too, and a chambray shirt! Maybe the second one, even more so. LOL!

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  5. Haha last year I was forced to do a Christmas list!
    A new vacuum would be lovely! Wicked was great when I saw it, have you seen it before!?

    Hope you're having a lovely day!


  6. I want to see Wicked sooooo badly!! And sparkling toms are on my wish list!