Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Summer Weather & A Birthday

{Shirt-Old Navy; Shorts-Citizens of Humanity; Shoes-Ross; Earrings-F21; Bracelets-Mexico}
For those of you who don't know, Arizona summers are rough. Last summer, when debating on getting married in Mesa or San Diego, weather was a HUGE topic of discussion. When we finally settled on San Diego, it was mostly because of weather and a better reception location- which by the way, was outdoors. So, instead of being a little damp from sweat that morning at the temple, our guests were damp with a morning dew that lingered into the late hours of the morning. But, with May almost half way done (P.S. It's Derek's birthday today! 26 baby!) things are starting to warm up a bit here. We're still getting morning and afternoon breezes, but I'm just bracing myself for the days where the sun is hot and the pavement gets to 115 degrees. So, let's get used to seeing me in shorts and a t-shirt, because there really isn't anything else I'd rather be wearing. Well, maybe my swimsuit.
Now, for my husband who has 2 more finals to go- Happy Birthday! I'm now going to be incredibly lame and share 26 very cheesy and lovey-dovey things I love about you. Readers, feel free to advert your eyes. {Ha ha}.
1. Your laugh 2. Your work ethic 3. Your testimony 4. Your kindness toward friends 5. Your smile 6. Your BBQ-ing skills 7. Your hugs 8. Your strength 9. Your morals & values 10. Your love for family 11. How helpful you are 12. Your kisses 13. The way you listen 14. How supportive you are 15. Your willingness to serve others 16. How excited you get when you learn 17. How you remind us to pray every night 18. Your ability to make me smile 19. When you surprise me 20. Your stories 21. Your back rubs 22. Your ability to see the positive in everything 23. Your cute bum 24. Your knowledge 25. Your love of the gospel 26. That you love me with all my shortcomings and quirks